Advertising Banner Setup


To advertise with you will need to have an account. To register please click HERE

Once you have registered and have logged into you account dashboard, you will see a tab “Premium Advertising” click to enter.

Next you will see your advertising options where you are able to make more purchases if spots are available and view the cost and how many days the banner will be active for.

Click on the “My Banners” tab. Click on “Choose File” to upload your banner. Make sure the banner dimensions are correct or your banner will not show up on the next step. Click “Upload Banner” and then “Save Changes”


Next, click on the “My Orders” tab. Here you can view your statistics of your campaign as well as set your banner and link. To set your banner select the drop down box (1.) “Select Banner” choose the banner you uploaded. (2). “Enter Banner Link” where you would like visitors to be sent to when clicking on your banner. (3.) Save.