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Full-time Position Type
NegotiableFixed Salary (monthly)

ID: 9227 Published: August 26, 2019 10:40


Please read this post in its
entirety before submitting your info. Applicants who do not follow all detailed
instructions will not be considered, or responded to.

We are 
Abbey Road Programs,
a small company that facilitates educational summer programs (study abroad,
foreign language immersion, college prep, arts and humanities) for middle and
high school students.

We are seeking Full Time Digital Marketing/SEO specialists to help in
identifying and building links to our website that will increase our organic
rankings. Some of this job might involve PR and writing, sending press
releases, or writing guest blogs and placing them on the appropriate websites.

College students and Graduate assistants are welcome to apply for this
position. We are seeking a real self- starter, a person who can read articles
about link building and take the necessary steps to build them for us, without
step by step directions.

Interns who generate the best results, and work with us the best, will be
offered a permanent position.


  • Strong verbal and written English
  • WordPress and SQL
  • Tech Savvy


  • Must be enrolled in college or a recent college
  • Majors/Minors in Business Technology, Journalism, Information
    Technology, International Marketing, IT, and/or Digital Marketing

Application Instructions:

  • Save your resume and cover letter as a SINGLE .PDF
    file. If you cannot accomplish this or figure out how to, you are not tech
    savvy enough for this position.
  • PDF file must be labeled like so
    “LINKBUILDING_JANE_SMITH_CV.pdf”. If Jane Smith is not your
    name, I’d suggest using your name.
  • In the body of the email, provide us with no more than
    two introductory sentences, and your contact information beneath your
  • In the Subject line write LINK BUILDING INTERNSHIP CV-
    (Your Name)
  • Email us at [email protected]

This is a test to see if you are able to follow instructions.

Good Luck!

.PDF Files Only.